Sunday, July 31, 2016

Falling in love is easy...

Falling in love is easy.

Love happens out of the blue one day, when all of a sudden, your lips can't wait to scream it out loud. Adrenaline pumps through every one of your veins and you feel like you are going insane. Qhich you kind of are, because that's just how crazy love can be.

The hardest thing about love, truthfully, is falling out of it. And it's not because you want to do it. It's because you have to.
No matter what the case may be, falling out of love is absolutely heart wrenching. Not only are you in it alone, but you can't go to the person you love for comfort anymore. You can't confide in them like before. You can't lean on them for support. Falling out love also takes time. You can't snap your fingers and magically feel better. If it was a true, once in a million type of love, you aren't ever going to forget them. And you will always hold a special place in your heart.

Love is always talked about in a positive light. In a life changing way. But love sometimes, it is anything but magic. It's magic. It's difficult. It's challenging. It can knock you over. Sure, falling in love incredibly amazing, but it's the falling out that messes you up..

You have to learn how to survive by yourself now, and it will be hard. It will be so hard. But, if everyone in the world died from broken hearts, no one would be left to tell their story.

So don't sink down from the loss. Fall in love with life instead. Fall in love with how the sun shines in the summer. Fall in love with the way the breeze provides you relief from the intense heat. Fall in love with how your dog lays by your side every night. Fall in love with the little things.

There's too much falling out in this world. There's always too much fall out. It's much nicer to do the opposite. And it doesn't have to be with another person. It can just be something as simple as a flower in the soil, or a particular sunset on the beach. Fall in love with the little things, and suddenly, falling out of love won't seem that impossible anymore.

Berdua lebih baik. 

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