Sunday, July 10, 2016

You Are Not Alone

" Here's to the girl who sometimes feels like she is too much. The one who cares too much. Who gives too much of herself to others. For the girl who understand disappointment too well.
This piece is for the type of girl who loves too much. Who gives too much of herself to people who clearly don't deserve it. This is for any girl who has every gotten her heart completely shattered. The type of girl who feels too broken to ever be loved again.
This is for the girl who constantly battles with herself. Unnecessarily tearing herself down.
This, right here, is for the girl who can't seem to win. Who has become a close friend to pain and rejection. Who tries and tries only to get hurt and disheartened in the end.
Any girl who has ever doubled herself. Who still does question her abilities. I'm telling you, this is for every girl who has ever hated herself.
This is for you, my sweet girl. I wrote this just for you because you are not alone.
You will never be alone, for I am one of you.
I wrote this because you are worth it. Worth it and so much more. To remind you, that you are enough. You are pretty enough. Smart enough. Good enough.
You deserve the world. You deserve everything you have ever wanted out of this life. I wanted to know that you are worth being loved. You are worth the type of love that you have always dreamed of.
I wanted you to know that you are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. "


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